My mission is to help you feel better faster, along with nourishing the world's most vulnerable children.

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We are happy to announce the debut of our new hemp based salve! Now through July 26, get a special deal!


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About Us

Proprietary Technology

Hempress of HOPE  has access to proprietary plant technology to assist your body in feeling better faster! Each serving nourishes a medically fragile child or orphan.

Join a Free Community

Hempress of HOPE has access to a free Facebook community with recipes, tips & testimonials of health results. Send a message to be added to this private, safe place. 

Utilizing nature

The Hempress of HOPE believes God gave us what we need to put into our bodies  in order to maintain wellness. Physical, spiritual & mental health are of equal importance.


Grow Towards Wellness


We all have those days where we neglect our wellness.  Sometimes that cookie or dish of ice cream calls to us and that is okay! We can choose healthy the rest of the day. On those days where there seems no time to exercise, we can take the stairs, pump our arms while walking & do stretches in our chair to keep the blood flowing. We can choose wellness without perfection. Most importantly, our mental & spiritual wellness lead us to physical health.

Create a Ripple


Your well being can create a ripple, spreading joy and good habits to those around you, affecting the world. Did you know  each serving of our whole foods nutrition nourishes you & a child?  Whether you use our nutrition or not, we hope to inspire you to do your best to create the ripple effect!

Live With Passion & Purpose


No one is happy 100% of the time,but we can reach for a better feeling! Anger is better than depression, disappointment better than anger, boredom better than disappointment.  Together lets strive to move up the emotional scale to happiness, passion, purpose  & empowerment!



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