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Fibromyalgia, arthrtis, injury relief


This may not mean much to some but my husband has diabetes. His dr said if his a1c is not lowered by june 16th its insulin time. Well long story short my good friend Donna Norton has been on me to just "try" these products and I blew her off. I ask my husband a week or so ago of I order this will you "try" it. Well I ordered the integrated health and it come in Thursday. Thursday night I had him take 2 balance, 2 immune, and 1 limitless... his sugar usually is between 250 and 400 nightly. Last night after dinner and a glass of sweet tea which I got on to him for his sugar was 187 tonight I had church and he had a quarter of a seedless watermelon (a no no) but his sugar was only 212. I feel these products just may save my husbands life. Thank you Donna, and thank you evolv. I'll post the dr report when that day comes. But my my my this is just a miracle in my eyes. He says he feel more awake and more focused... I'm just AMAZED 

Fibromyalgia, arthrtis, injury relief

Thyroid Help


Success story for balance:

I have had a decades long battle with my thyroid and it had gotten to the point that removal was being suggested.
In April of this year I started taking balance along with Entourage. I was taking far more than the bottle suggested but I was working directly with my holistic Dr. who was able to do muscle testing to determine how many I should take.
We did regular bi weekly visits where he would retest and every time the number I needed went down.
Today he told me I only need 1 balance a day!!!!!
This means my body has healed my thyroid!!!!
And to add a bonus I've lost 15+ lbs!

Fibromyalgia, arthrtis, injury relief

Fibromyalgia, arthrtis, injury relief

Fibromyalgia, arthrtis, injury relief

 Anyone who knows me knows that I frequently complain about my treatment at my local Veteran’s Administration medical clinic and the way I am not getting anywhere with the chronic pain from Fibromyalgia and arthritis from multiple injuries received during my time in the service. I have suffered since the ‘90’s. I used to take 4 Advil at a time and sometimes combing those with Tylenol for a stronger effect. It worked for awhile until I gave myself a ulcer. Ive been on Gabapentin and Lyrica. They worked for a little while but both doses had to be increased and then maxed out. Then they just stopped working. I’ve tried a couple of different CBD oils in the past but they only helped for a short time if at all. Now with Entourage, not only has most of my arthritic agony subsided, but my MIGRAINES have as well and my sleep is so deep and peaceful. I had never thought the PSORIASIS on my body would clear up to 100% but IT IS NOW!!! 😃😃😃😃 The biologic medicine cleared it up to 80% and I was happy and grateful for that, but I am over the moon with 100%!!! 

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Fibromyalgia, arthrtis, injury relief


Dream for the Cure Foundation

Dream for the Cure is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which was founded by Dr. Renee Hirte with the mission to fund research to discover the cure for cancer.     

Dream for the cure is currently donating to a team from the Mayo Clinic who is working in collaboration with Horton Works to employ big data analysis  to identify unique cell surface proteins on brain cancer cells to better understand how to selectively target tumors in patients based on their unique tumor "protein signature."

We are currently looking for donations to allow for the advancement of this clinical trial. 

Please consider making a generous tax-deductible donation to contribute to advancing the knowledge leading to the cure for cancer. Every little bit helps and is very much appreciated. 

Dream For The Cure Cancer Research Foundation
+ (651) 343 - 2899

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Giving HOPE to children facing impossible odds 

Malnutrition is the leading cause of death amongst children both domestically and internationally. It is their biggest challenge to overcome and one they should never have to face alone.

The approach to solving this global epidemic starts with optimizing your own health. We match what you do, serving for serving, with nutritional support for a child in need.

We call this approach Social Business 3.0™. This simple approach of Buy 1, Nourish 2™ giving initiative enables us, as a community, to Evolv the life of a child.

Our mission is to inspire communities of people to Help Other People Evolv their own life. By maximizing your human potential, you’re making a lasting impact on a child. Because what better cause is there than to improve the quality of our future who are children?

Today, we invite you to be the solution and become a champion for children in need.

We call this The HOPE Movement.